Wednesday, 16 March 2016

2 months TSW

Quick update. G's skin continues to cycle through redness, burning, oozing, flaking, itching, pain. Insomnia is a big problem. She is still at work even though the GP offered to sign her off. She has used holiday rather than take sick days. It's part of her way of dealing which is to live as normally as possible for as long as possible. She is managing a social life which includes alcohol without any obvious detrimental effect. She laughs in public and cries in private.

The last GP she saw had not heard of TSW but was open to learn and asked her what support she needed. Sleep was her main issue so he gave her phenergan which helps her drop off though she is waking after a few hours. Long, long epsom baths are the best form of relief. Other can't live withouts: ice packs, tubular bandages and epaderm.

The good news is she has some smooth skin on her thighs, an indicator of what eventual healing might be like, her immune system is stronger - she is no longer getting constant colds and infections and her cat allergy has disappeared. There is a definite feeling that her internal environment is rebuilding itself; it's doing it intelligently, quickly and with great reilef.

Seeing the derm next Tuesday. Very curious as to his response.

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