Wednesday, 17 February 2016

TSW 1 month

Monthly update.

Yesterday Grace declared herself to be perky. She had been out for a meal with a friend and had realised that she could laugh and socialise even when she looked like crap and to be honest she didn't look that bad. Her face is flushed but it doesn't look nearly as bad as the infected eczema. Her ear swelling has gone down a bit though one ear is blocked. Her arms are 50/50 scab to skin. Her temperature control swings. She has had 2 days off work in the first month. One wobble when she thought about steroids. Mood is 6-7. Physical 3-4.

Treatments:                   Epaderm moisturiser
                                    Dead sea salt and epsom baths
                                    Ice packs
                                    Has discovered the knee-buckling ecstasy of the scalding shower
                                    Has gauze wraps to try and save some arm skin

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